What 3D printing ideas can inspire people? That’s the question that started 3D Printshopen in 2013, after a collaboration between Vinnova, the Swedish Innovation Agency, and Storbildsbolaget, a printing company in Helsingborg. The collaboration originally aimed at helping youths to start their own businesses and create employment opportunities for others by letting them use their creativity through 3D printing. Today we can 3D print almost anything, so why not use this method to create tools that improve processes and supply chains, innovate parts of existing products, or a combination of all of these ideas?

Sustainability 3D printing, creating the world of tomorrow

Now the question has changed to how we can use technology to improve the world. The realisation that we needed to change our relationship with the world around us created 3D Printshopen, a company dedicated to bringing ideas to life by offering high quality 3D printing services. 

Despite being quite a new concept, the sustainability aspect in 3D printing is an important factor for innovation. Using rapid prototyping methods like 3D printing can solve sustainability related issues and help to innovate towards a more sustainable

3D Printshopen is helping to build new business models, using 3D printing to change people’s mindset around sustainability, and allowing them to create quick visual or functional 3D prototypes of their ideas.

What can you make with a 3D printer?
You can make virtually anything with a 3D printer. Some examples of 3D printing range from medical face masks during the corona pandemic to creating entire houses in less developed countries like Mexico for example. To understand the full potential of 3D printing you first need to know what it is and how it works. Basically, 3D printing is the process of making a solid object from a digital 3D file. By adding thin layers of material on top of each other a 3D printer can create any object from a digital 3D model.

3D print your ideas, today!
At 3D Printshopen you can either upload your own digital files to 3D print your ideas, or you can work with one of 3 designers to bring your ideas to life. 3D Printshopen can print prototypes in materials ranging from plastics to titanium, as well as many
other durable materials.

Imagine going from an idea to a finished 3D prototype in a matter of hours. Now make that thought real by clicking here