Our relationship with the environment, what we consume as well as our energy usage can all be done in different and often better ways. Join in and help to create new ways of doing things with our community and our tools.


Love is a unifying force, not a divisive one. Join me and help build communities that operate with a binding philosophy of equality and humanity. It is not idealistic, it is possible. Be part of the change.


Learning is the key to understanding and growing. Bring your questions, Let's find the answers. Get in touch with a network that can help you to make contact with those who know the answers to your questions.

How Can You Help

Live, Love & Learn are three broad categories into which a number of destinct projects fall. The projects include but are not limited to design and innovation projects, 3D printing projects, energy, food waste reduction, training and education projects as well as a host of other projects still to be launched. Below is an overview of the projects involved in the Integrated Sustainability Plan named LIVE-LOVE-LEARN.

David Degbor live love learn

All of the projects are at Minimum Viable Product (MVP) stage which means that they are built to the minimum stage required to test their viability. This means that each project offers a wide range of unique opportunities to get involved and build something that is current, useful and relevant to the world you want to live in. You will actively be building the future by getting involved and being a part of the direction the projects take. Some projects may temporarily focus on specific geographic locations while others are globally focused.

We are seeking co-founders, collaborators, connectors, supporters, volunteers, beta testers, creative minds, investors, content writers and a long list of other skill sets.

Phase one of the plan is the forming of the initial planning, design and marketing teams. 

Click on the lables below to see how you can contribute to phase one. Whatever help you can give will be much appreciated.


Awesome Team

Who Are We?
My awesome team consists of me, You,  all our families, friends and like minded people. 
    David Degbor

    David Degbor

     Entrepreneur, Inventor , Creative thinker, Strategist, Father

    Regardless of the titles I have had or will have, what I am is a Human being trying to make the world a better place for all of us.

    David Degbor live love learn

    I need your Help!

    Your Talents and skills

    There are currently 8 projects you can join. Anything you can do to help is of value to us. It doesn't matter where you are in the world you can still help with ideas, feedback, content etc. Even if it is just putting us in touch with others who want to help, that is huge and we will appreciate that. Don't underestimate the power of You and your network. Join us

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