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Welcome to my experience store.

Since October 2016 I have been testing wearing t-shirts that have some feel good messages. The goal was to find messages that unify people. I also wanted to cause strangers to talk to each other and reduce fear amongst us all.

I succeeded!

I've made my personal experience available for each of the t-shirts where the paragraph starts with "My Experience...".
I hope you find some here that create similar positive experiences in your life. They have in mine and others who have bought theirs here.

For all T-Shirts:  

yes  100% Organic Cotton.

yes  One tree is planted for every T-Shirt sold.

yes  Multi gender and age options available.

yes  Your purchase supports other environmental & social projects through daviddegbor.com.

yes  Easy returns within 30 days. No questions asked


Happy day!
David Degbor
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Hello Human Organic T-Shirt
Love Each Other Organic T-Shirt
Make Eye Contact Organic T-Shirt
Hello Human Organic T-Shirt
Say Hello Organic T-Shirt
How Are You Organic T-Shirt
Love Each Other Organic T-Shirt
Organic T-Shirts