Make Eye Contact organic T-Shirt from Hello Human Range
My experience with this T-shirt is that its the most playful t-shirt in the range. It usually makes people read, look away then look back (in 5 -8 seconds) to see if you're looking. If you understand the pattern, you will be ready for the look back and will often get a smile and eye contact.
It's as though people don't want to follow a direct instruction. The curiosity of "what will happen" seems to win in the end. Great for long range (+5 meters away) eye contact. I guess people feel safer from a distance but it is fun to have this playfulness repeated over and over. Not much direct verbal contact comes in general but it does happen sometimes. I guess it is up to you to take the next step with those who do make eye contact. Say hello perhaps?
Ready for smiles and play?
PS. Don't wear sunglasses with this t-shirt. That defeats the purpose.


yes  100% Organic Cotton.

yes  One tree is planted for every T-Shirt sold.

yes  Multi gender and age options available.

yes  Your purchase supports other environmental & social projects through

yes  Easy returns within 30 days. No questions asked


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