Hello Human -Rainbow Organic T-Shirt from Hello Human Range
My experience with this T-shirt is that it creates many extra thoughts in the person reading. This is when compared with the plain Hello Human design. I didn't think such a subtle design change would create such a big effect. That is part of the fun of my experiment.
It does create eye contact, greetings and acknowledgement. Not as much as the plain version does though.
It seems to create a few questions in the mind of the reader. This seems to delay or lessen the potential interaction.
It seems like it makes the reader wonder: Does the LGBTQ+ design mean you're an Ally or LGBTQ+? If I greet you does that mean you will think I am an Ally or LGBTQ+? etc....
What do you think? How would you react? Either way, this t-shirt is a necessary tool to break down barriers between people. Sexual orientation is nothing to fear.

yes  100% Organic Cotton.

yes  One tree is planted for every T-Shirt sold.

yes  Multi gender and age options available.

yes  Your purchase supports other environmental & social projects through daviddegbor.com.

yes  Easy returns within 30 days. No questions asked



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