Hello Human - Organic T-Shirt from Hello Human Range
My experience when wearing this T-shirt is that it makes people smile and say something nice. Very often people stop for a conversation, if you are open to it through your body language. It is by far the t-shirt in the range that creates the most connections between people.
A bonus is that people read it over and over every time they see it. So I hope that any racists ( or insert your own -ists here) have to say it in their mind. Even if they don't want to :-) . Hopefully that will have some impact on making them less fearful and open to all. It performs like an automatic "ice breaker".
If you are wanting to meet or connect with more people then this is the t-shirt for you.

yes  100% Organic Cotton.

yes  One tree is planted for every T-Shirt sold.

yes  Multi gender and age options available.

yes  Your purchase supports other environmental & social projects through daviddegbor.com.

yes  Easy returns within 30 days. No questions asked


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