How Are You  - Organic T-Shirt from Hello Human Range


My experience with this T-shirt is that when people react, you should show real interest in what they say. This leads to some deep conversations and connections. The most common response is that people ask you how you are, so the wearer should always be ready to answer first. Following that you can lead into some great conversations. If you have the time and interest, it creates a level of comfort right from the start.
So I would call this a listeners t-shirt since the people who do react seem to want to engage on a deeper level. They don't want only a polite hello. If you are willing to listen and engage, you can make some cool new friends. You can also just be there for someone who needs to connect with another human. We are social beings at our core and need each other.

yes  100% Organic Cotton.

yes  One tree is planted for every T-Shirt sold.

yes  Multi gender and age options available.

yes  Your purchase supports other environmental & social projects through

yes  Easy returns within 30 days. No questions asked


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